Our Team

Lisa Peacock

Back in 1996, I unintentionally came across education finance after noticing an advertisement for a vacancy at a Grant Maintained Primary School.  My career began when the fantastic Headteacher and Governing Body took a chance and appointed me.

After spending 9 years at the school, I was offered a fantastic opportunity to work for the most inspirational and knowledgeable person I am fortunate to know.  My experience and knowledge suddenly grew and expanded way beyond the primary sector and I found myself stood in front of large groups of Headteachers and education professionals training them on software as well as delivering news on the latest initiatives from the DfE.

Back in 2017, I decided to go it alone to focus purely on the hands-on support role within education finance and the demand was so high, a year later I set up Lighthouse Education Consultancy.

I love the position I have where I get to visit friends I have made in schools as well as making new ones along the way.  Anyone that knows me will vouch that I can talk and what you see is what you get, which brings me on to the photo for which I must apologise for, I hope I look better in real life!

When I’m not out in schools, I can be found in a variety of places, Mexico being my all-time favourite holiday destination, the gym (ok, not as often as I need to, but I try when I can) or I’ll be spending time with family.

Howard Jackson has been involved with the education sector for the past 30 years and founded the successful education finance software company HCSS Education, now part of The Access Group.

In 2013, Howard founded Hub4Leaders and his passion for the sector and his extensive knowledge of financial planning for schools has seen him author a nationally circulated document on financial planning (published by the DfE), lead a major training programme on behalf of the DfE, attend international conferences as a keynote speaker and, most importantly, empower thousands of school leaders with the knowledge and tools to plan for their school’s future.

We are delighted that Howard Jackson is part of Lighthouse in the capacity as a Non-Executive Director.  Howard has been instrumental in both Lisa and Tom’s careers within Education Finance, being there from the very beginning for both. We have a close working relationship with Howard’s team at Hub4Leaders (The School Bus) and are fortunate to be able to call on his expertise and experience when needed.