Our Services

Lighthouse Education was created to meet the demand for exceptional finance support to people in schools, academies and anyone else devoted to education.

We are a team of friendly, experienced and amenable education finance specialists.  Our objective is to help and support you in your role and to ensure that your establishment is financial operating the best it can be to meet the educational needs of the students.

View below to see the range of services we can offer to help you. We understand that things are not always straight forward and that often a standard off the shelf product is not suitable. We can provide high quality, value for money support in whatever situation you find yourself in.

Our area of expertise is in education finance; it’s what we know and what we excel in.  We are fortunate enough to have been involved in education for many years and have contacts in several areas so never be afraid to ask for something from us that you need, it is likely that we will know who to contact on your behalf.


Need advice or support during a major project or maybe you are looking at converting to an academy and not sure what the best way to go is? Speak to our team to find out how we can help! From our many years of experience, we can share best practice in all areas of education finance.


We offer a full range of bursarial services. We can come in and visit on an ad-hoc basis or we can provide a SLA to suit your needs for peace of mind.


We have expertise and experience to be able to help you implement any new finance system that you chose. Offering valuable advice along the way, we will ensure the system is set up in the best way possible for you. We also offer continued support so you’re never on your own.  From basic training for new users right the way through to more advanced sessions, we can help you every step of the way.


Unfortunately, there may be occasions where you need temporary cover for a member of your finance team. This may be planned due to maternity leave or unplanned, however, here at Lighthouse we are able to provide experience and valuable cover to ensure the processes of the team don’t grind to a halt.  Give us a call if you find yourself in need of some additional help.


Are you looking for ways to improve your current systems and processes or do you need a Responsible Office for your Academy or MAT?  Our programme is designed to ensure that all aspects of your finance procedures are checked and tested.  The programme consists of three visits throughout the year and a report is produced after each visit which consists of our findings and any recommendations we may have.  At the end of the year, you will have a complete report detailing all findings from our visits.  We will advise on best practice and be that critical friend in readiness for your year-end audit.


Do you need your private funds auditing? We can provide a fully bespoke audit of your voluntary funds such as Before and After School Clubs, Parent Teacher Association accounts and School Fund accounts.  Our experienced team members can either complete this on site or remotely and will leave you with a report based on the findings.


Are the figures looking a little worse for wear for your Academy/School?  Over the years, we have worked with schools who have come to us in deficit position. We have close relationships with many experienced educationalists and will work with you to build detailed plans to ensure a healthier future without having a negative impact on the pupils.


Can’t see the wood for the trees? Here at Lighthouse we can provide support tailored to your needs to help with short, medium and long-term financial planning. Maybe it’s just a little help on setting next years’ budget or it is a more complex task where you are saving for a major project, we can provide the support you need!


Do you want to get everything in shape before the year end accounts audit? Let us know and we will be more than happy to come and get your accounts in ship shape condition.


Whether it is training new starters or ensuring you are up to speed with the regulations we can provide bespoke training to ensure your team is as efficient as possible. We can also provide training for Governors, SLT and Budget Holders. Contact us for a bespoke quotation.